Doctor holding research ethics card

Protecting your Subjects: Research Ethics

Many research studies involve humans as subjects. In studies in medicine, people may be given experimental medications and treatments that are still under study. Psychologists perform experiments to test people’s reactions to certain conditions.…

Gender Salary Gaps Persist: Sociological Studies

Sociology is one of many social sciences. Like practitioners of other sciences, sociologists collect and analyze data in order to describe conditions in their field and to explain the how and why trends and data are the way they are. One of…
Psychological Research Design

What Students Need to Know: Psychological Research

“Substance Abuse Recovery among Homeless Adults in Atlanta, Georgia, and a Multilevel Drug Abuse Resiliency Tool” “A Pilot Randomized Control Trial of Autovideography Intervention to Enhance Recovery for People with Severe Mental Illness” “Evaluation…
Focus Groups

Collecting Qualitative Data: Focus Groups

A focus group is a planned group discussion. The purpose is to obtain feedback, opinions and ideas through a conversation among the participants, who are selected by the researcher. The researcher (or research assistant) is the moderator of…
1-1 interviews are conducted to collect data

Preparing for One-on-One Interview

The one-on-one interview is one of several techniques that researchers use to collect qualitative data. An interview is used to gather more detailed information than a survey or questionnaire can generally do. Interviews are used for a variety…
Eradicating Malaria

Controlling a Killer: Statistics on Eradicating Malaria

While malaria is not a very common disease in most developed countries, it still affects millions of people in less-developed countries around the world. Statistics are kept each year by the World Health Organization (WHO) as it and other agencies…
Demographic Study

Youth populations and uprisings: A demographic study

Demographics, the study of populations, is all about data. A demographic study collects population data and identify relationships between it and what is happening in the world. Predictions based on these relationships are often made and solutions…
Sampling Techniques for Populations

How Many Deer Are There? Sampling Techniques to Estimate Populations

A 2014 BBC report states that the world population of tigers is 3,000, down from 100,000 forty years ago. How are organizations, such as the London Zoological Society, able to determine this since animals do not stay still and allow themselves…