Data Science in Healthcare

How Data Science is Advancing Healthcare Wearable technology: With a rise in wearable technology comes a large amount of day-to-day health data that can be analyzed to help improve management of chronic diseases. Disease…
Pharmaceutical Data Scientists

Pharmaceutical Data Scientists

Data analysis has become a critical tool in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, pharmaceutical makers are constantly looking for ways to improve the odds of getting new drugs through the discovery pipeline to market as quickly and…

Using Data to Study Exercise For People with Mental Illness

Exercise is well-known to have beneficial effects on many aspects of health, including the heart, lungs, muscles, and bones. Exercise is also good for those with mental illnesses. Nurses are on the front lines of treating patients with mental…
Data Collection on Injuries

Home, Unsafe Home: Data Collection on Preventable Injuries

We all want to feel safe and sound in the comfort of our homes, but many people would be surprised to learn that the typical household is the place where most preventable injuries occur. This is because we spend more time there than anywhere…
Eradicating Malaria

Controlling a Killer: Statistics on Eradicating Malaria

While malaria is not a very common disease in most developed countries, it still affects millions of people in less-developed countries around the world. Statistics are kept each year by the World Health Organization (WHO) as it and other agencies…
data in healthcare economics

Drug Prices Rise Substantially: Data in Healthcare Economics

Healthcare economics impacts everyone as we will all need medical care at some point in our life. A substantial subsection of this is prescription drugs and the affect their prices have on consumers, employers and insurance companies. Prescription…