LinkedIn Reveals Career Opportunities

LinkedIn Reveals Career Opportunities

Data Scientist at LinkedIn Reveals the Largest Career Opportunities through 2018 According to Nightly Business Report by CNBC, there will a shortage of 200,000 workers by 2018. By mining the data at LinkedIn, Mary is able to uncover the…

Year in Review: 2018 Data Science Career Trends

There have been many advances made in the data science career field in 2018. Read on to learn about the top 2018 data science career trends.
Statistical Analysis System

Meet an Expert Data Scientist

Q&A WITH A DATA SCIENTIST AT BLOOMBERG Q: What motivated you to work in data science? There is a lot of data around us nowadays. As Internet of Things (IoT) comes to our homes we will have much more data to analyze and make our life better,…
Demographic Study

Meet an Expert Data Engineer

Q&A WITH A DATA ENGINEER AT BLOOMBERG  Q: What motivated you to work in data science? I began working in this field because of the changes in the way data is captured. These changes requires companies to put a larger focus on data…
biotechnology data science, microscope data

The Importance of Data Science in Biotech

WHAT IS BIOTECHNOLOGY? The importance of biotechnology in promoting human welfare can’t be overstated enough. It is making marked contributions in the areas of human health, agriculture, medicine, the environment, renewable energy and…
Pharmaceutical Data Scientists

Pharmaceutical Data Scientists

Data analysis has become a critical tool in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, pharmaceutical makers are constantly looking for ways to improve the odds of getting new drugs through the discovery pipeline to market as quickly and…
Financial data scientists

Financial Data Scientists

  WHAT DOES A FINANCIAL DATA SCIENTIST DO?   Sentiment Analysis Consumer’s behavior and preferences become clearer through sentiment analysis, especially from social media and marketing databases. The goal is to…

What is a Data Analyst?

What Does a Data Analyst Do? Data analysts are responsible for identifying and extracting valuable information from structured and unstructured data to explain business performance. Using this information they identify the best analytical models…

The Data Visualization Specialist

What is a Data Visualization Specialist? Data Visualization Specialists are individuals who are experts at translating statistical data in ways that are useful for both subject matter experts as well as business users. They are in many ways…
Actuary Legal Compliance

On the Job: Actuaries

What Is An Actuary? An actuary is a person who analyzes data to make forecasts of the risks of something occurring and manages the risks. Actuaries use data to evaluate the likelihood of events occurring and design ways to reduce the likelihood…