Psychological Research Design

What Students Need to Know: Psychological Research

“Substance Abuse Recovery among Homeless Adults in Atlanta, Georgia, and a Multilevel Drug Abuse Resiliency Tool” “A Pilot Randomized Control Trial of Autovideography Intervention to Enhance Recovery for People with Severe Mental Illness” “Evaluation…
People considering Data Science Job Titles

Data Science – Which Job and Why?

Take a moment and type in the term 'Data Science' into a job search engine. If you do, you will see that thousands of jobs – all with different titles, requirements and expectations – appear. As a person in the data science field, you may…
Data Science Jobs

Why You Should Pursue a Data Science Career

Recently, the role of data scientist was cited as the top job in the nation by Glass Door. That rating is based on the number of available jobs, salary and career opportunities. Take a moment and type it into any job search engine and you can…
Meeting the demand of data scientists

Evolution of Data Science

Though data analysis is not new, future applications of it will depend on advanced data scientists with analytical skills and experiences utilizing statistic models. The following events have contributed to the evolution of data science…
Maching Learning Brain

What is Machine Learning? How Does it Help Society?

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides the ability of a system to use data and experience to improve its performance. This entails a system learning without being programmed. Simply put, machine learning is…
Top Data Science Companies Social Media logos

Top Data Science Companies

From being called “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review 1 to “Best Job in America” by Glassdoor,2 the highly regarded data scientist seems to be the career to strive for these days. With a median base salary of…