Job Spotlight: Data Analyst

Are you considering a career as a data analyst? Find out what it takes to be a data analyst. Discover the responsibilities, required education, and more.
LinkedIn Reveals Career Opportunities

LinkedIn Reveals Career Opportunities

Data Scientist at LinkedIn Reveals the Largest Career Opportunities through 2018 According to Nightly Business Report by CNBC, there will a shortage of 200,000 workers by 2018. By mining the data at LinkedIn, Mary is able to uncover the…

Year in Review: 2018 Data Science Career Trends

There have been many advances made in the data science career field in 2018. Read on to learn about the top 2018 data science career trends.
Great Places to Work as a Data Scientist

Great Places to Work as a Data Scientist

Google, Facebook, Amazon and many other big corporations and institutions collect massive amounts of data when consumers engage with social media, participate in e-commerce or rely on other web-based services. This so-called big data is mined…
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Meet an Expert Data Engineer

Q&A WITH A DATA ENGINEER AT BLOOMBERG  Q: What motivated you to work in data science? I began working in this field because of the changes in the way data is captured. These changes requires companies to put a larger focus on data…
Data Science in Government

Advances of Data Science in the US Government

RECENT STRIDES IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT The federal government is no stranger to big data. In President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, a team of 54 statisticians, engineers, data scientists, analysts and organizers from all over…

What is a Data Analyst?

What Does a Data Analyst Do? Data analysts are responsible for identifying and extracting valuable information from structured and unstructured data to explain business performance. Using this information they identify the best analytical models…

The Data Visualization Specialist

What is a Data Visualization Specialist? Data Visualization Specialists are individuals who are experts at translating statistical data in ways that are useful for both subject matter experts as well as business users. They are in many ways…

Data Industry Resolutions for 2017

Here’s some data science industry resolution ideas you can still commit to in 2017 – and how they can benefit you and your career opportunities. While many companies have make the move to make big data and data-based decision-making a…
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The History of the Data Science Field

Data Science: Where did it come from and what is it now? The field of data science is relatively new, though the ideas that it encompasses are not. Data science is an outgrowth of statistical analysis and has been made possible by the ever-stronger…