R programming

The fast rising popularity of R indicates its successful acceptance in the analytic community. It has been developed to be the most important tool for data science, data mining, data visualization and computational statistics. Worldwide it gained popularity for its application in industries ranging from quantitative finance to biotechnology. It has become a champ for the most analytic-driven companies such as LinkedIn, Google and Facebook.

Who is the developer of this cool technology?

This powerful programming language was designed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland. R programming is an implementation of the S programming language combined in a shaped and fashioned manner. R is named partly after the name of its first two designers and partly to show it is a leap ahead of S. And the name gained commercial popularity with support of Revolution Analytics.

What is R Programming?

Contrasting old-fashioned analytic software products, R is a full-fledged programming language. It has stronger object oriented programming facilities than most statistical computer language. It implements an extensive variety of statistical and graphical techniques, time series analysis and big data analysis.

Interpreting data with graphics is the coolest feature of R. It is the most loved computer language for data scientists. Data analysis with graphical structure and charts make life easier for big data professionals. Representing complex unstructured data in a structured manner with traditional chart, plots and graphs is an essential part of data analysis process. R makes it possible with its cool infographics package.

The key points that make R programming special among data scientist are:

  • The analytics written in R normally require a lesser number of lines of code than other analytics written in python, java or C++.
  • R is an open source, therefore it is continually improved, upgraded, enhanced and expanded by a global community of incredibly passionate developers and users.

How is R used?

R is extensively used both in academics and industry settings. There are certain organizations who are transparent about their usage in R:

  • The New York Times – Consistently great infographics
  • Google – Calculate ROI on marketing campaigns
  • Bank of America – Reporting
  • Facebook – Status updates, Social network analysis
  • Mozilla – Visualize web activity

R is gaining its popularity exponentially in finance, biotech, healthcare, marketing, social media and many more industries. If you are interested in enhancing your knowledge of R, consider pursuing a degree in data science.