MBA, Enterprise Resource Planning

MBAs are an excellent option to develop a knowledge of the various functional units of business. An MBA combined with a specialization, such as Enterprise Resource Planning, can assist you in mastering how to track and analyze data from different business units. This graduate degree path can aid you in developing an understanding of a wide range of functional areas such as cost, strategy, operations and product management.

MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning: What Will I Learn?

Though technology plays a key role in Enterprise Resource Planning, it encompasses more than integrated software. Enterprise Resource Planning facilitates efficiency and problem-solving in production, finances, human resources, sales and distribution, by connecting data and departments within an organization. Enterprise Resource Planning streamlines systems in a manner that optimizes departments and processes for the operational and financial benefit of the company. It will play an integral role for businesses to both function and to move forward in competitive professional environments.

Students enrolled in this type of MBA would study topics such as:

  • Integrated Enterprise Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Applications Development
  • Business Intelligence

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Featured Degree

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The University of Scranton’s AACSB-accredited MBA program with a specialization in Enterprise Resource Planning gives today’s top business leaders the practical knowledge and technical information to elevate their organization. The program is endorsed by SAP.

The curriculum will help you:

  • Become proficient in the configuration, use, and strategic application of ERP software across a wide range of business functions
  • Apply your knowledge of ERP systems to any software environment or industry
  • Enhance your managerial and technical skill sets