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Master of Science in Data Science

Leverage Data for Better Problem Solving

With Utica’s Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) program you’ll learn to use information effectively. You’ll learn to understand and analyze data to gain insights that can lead to positive changes though creative solutions.  Meet the growing need for professionals with strong analytical skills and expertise in research methods and make an impact in busines, health care, education, government and more.

With a number of specializations and an easy online format, you can tailor the program to meet your needs. By learning topics such as data mining, machine learning, data visualization and statistical methods you’ll be able to reach top earning potential.

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Why Utica?
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MS in Data Science

Utica College’s MS in Data Science program boasts 5 career-enriching specializations:

Social Science Analytics
Focus on the application of data science to social science research and policy development. You will develop an understanding of complex organizations and bureaucracy, social trends, poll data and voter information, and research design in this area.
Business Analytics
Explore how data science is used for business management and decision-making.
Designed for students who want to apply their data science knowledge and skills in state-of-the-art cybersecurity and computer forensic practices with coursework on leadership and planning adapted specifically to the cyberspace realm. This specialization enables students to take classes in the Cybersecurity MS program.
Financial Crime
Designed for students who want to apply their data science knowledge and skills to advance their competencies in managing corporate and advanced technological resources devoted to combating economic crime. This specialization enables students to take classes in the Financial Crime and Compliance Management MS program.
Students have the option to build their own specialization focus by selecting any four 3-credit graduate level courses with approval from the Program Director.

Each track requires the completion of 30-credit hours, with 15 hours in the data science core, followed by 12 hours in an area of your choosing, before finishing the program with a three credit masters capstone project. The program is designed to be completed in 2 years.

Why Utica?

The Utica College MS in Data Science emphasizes analysis of data within a social context, leading students to a more thoughtful application of their analytical findings. The curriculum is also distinguished among other data science graduate programs in that it was developed in collaboration with the regional Data Analytics Consortium. The Consortium is represented by many of the largest employers in central New York State, including Utica National Insurance, BNY Mellon and Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Other factors that set Utica apart include:

  • Competitively priced tuition
  • No GRE or GMAT reqired
  • A faculty of experts who work in the field and have years of industry experience

Unsure if Utica is right for you?

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