Here’s some data science industry resolution ideas you can still commit to in 2017

– and how they can benefit you and your career opportunities.

While many companies have make the move to make big data and data-based decision-making a permanent residence in creating new business opportunities and growth, many are still exploring the potential.

Data science is a field that has grown to immeasurable heights in the last decade.  Trained data scientists have the opportunity to grow a meaningful career and help develop pathways for the general public that will benefit them in many aspects of life.

Resolution #1: Get Smarter In Healthcare

Healthcare and Big Data have been partners for awhile now. In 2015, data scientists predicted with 85% accuracy West Nile outbreaks and in 2016, data teams developed a model that can predict the likelihood of bats carrying Ebola.

Advances in healthcare, changes in implementation and the coming changes of a new administration in the White House will require better prediction models, collaboration tools (think EHRs, EMRs, etc) and patient access tools (think secure patient-facing applications) between data scientists and healthcare providers to provide better care.

Resolution #2: Make Friends with the Marketing Team

Marketing and Big Data are entering into a marriage that will last the remainder of the century and beyond.  As corporations look for more ways to improve the ROI for their digital marketing efforts, they have tapped customer analytics in various ways, which have revolutionized the genre.  This data has increased the quality of the sale, decreased the sales process, and developed predictive marketing plans that have driven revenue to record levels.

There is plenty of room to grow a career in this booming industry.  Data scientists should be cheering the relationship between statistics and big business.

Resolution #3: Evolve Your Education and Skill-Sets

Earning a degree can advance your data science career

The progression of artificial intelligence will be the biggest threat to data scientists in the New Year.  The best way to compete with man-made intellect is to be prepared with an advanced education.  Data science is moving at a rapid pace, so scientists must evolve, or risk being left behind by automation.

An online degree offers flexibility for full-time professionals and removes travel requirements.
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Resolution #4: Commit to Data Security

The continued fight against cybercrime will continue to escalate as cybercriminals continue to become develop sophisticated methods. Consumers are growing increasingly aware that their personal data has value and that their data privacy is at risk.

Likewise, corporations are increasingly concerned about the theft of sensitive data, the cost of recovery, and the corresponding reputational damage. Meanwhile, technology users are evermore hyper-connected thereby increasing the vulnerability of data. These factors mean that advanced data security strategies will continue to be a high priority for organizations worldwide.

Everyone Needs Data

Looking around, America really needs Big Data. And because of that, the data scientists are needed to harness the power of data into something usable. Someone must create the apps and systems and algorithms that power these data-driven customer targeting engines.

If you’re a data scientist looking to improve his/her skill-set, or an interested candidate looking for a career change, make your next move here.