Demographic Study


Q: What motivated you to work in data science?

I began working in this field because of the changes in the way data is captured. These changes requires companies to put a larger focus on data strategy, I work to fulfill that need.

Q: Can you please explain what enterprise data science is all about?

It’s about understanding the relationship between data and what decision can be driven off of that data.

Q: What skills should business executives have, to communicate effectively with data scientists?

They should have a strong understanding of the data and their relationship, which is always not so obvious.

Q: How is big data changing the world?

Big data allows companies to store high volumes of data that they could never do before and helps them analyze it. An example of this would be how Amazon tracks spending of consumer products over the course of the year.

Q: What advice would you give to people aspiring a long career in Data Science?

Try to focus more on particular domain (medicine, finance et. Al. ) before pursuing a certification in Data science or AI.

Q: Would you recommend a career in data science?

Yes, the job becomes exciting when there are people, process and product all involved in analyzing data and getting intelligence out of it.

Q: What advice would you offer someone looking for advancement into leadership?

Try to gain some leadership through project work or build something from scratch.

Q: When choosing a data science degree, what should someone look for?

Exposure to the particular domain, selection of languages and selection of technology (python, R are most popular).


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