LinkedIn Reveals Career Opportunities

Data Scientist at LinkedIn Reveals the Largest Career Opportunities through 2018

According to Nightly Business Report by CNBC, there will a shortage of 200,000 workers by 2018.

By mining the data at LinkedIn, Mary is able to uncover the biggest employment opportunities in the years to come.

Solving Problems and Making Life Easier Through Computer Science

In today’s fast-paced world computer scientists are in demand more than ever thanks to an increasing reliance on computers and technology. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S.BLS) predicts a 45% increase in employment opportunities for computer systems designs and related occupations in the 2008-18 decade.

“The U.S. BLS projects that computer and mathematical science occupations will add almost 786,000 new jobs from 2008 to 2018, more than twice the average growth of all other occupations. Demand for workers in these occupations is being driven by the continuing need for businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to adopt and utilize the latest technologies.”

Find Out About the Job Opportunities From a Data Scientist at LinkedIn

Mary Thompson, Data Scientist at Linkedin, tells us the skill that’s needed most in this labor market and where the jobs are.


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