election predictions map

If you have an interest in data science, then you may have heard of Nate Silver. Comedian Jon Stewart once referred to him – quite seriously – as the “God of the Algorithm.” Statistics were a game changer for politics. Nate gained celebrity status through his accurate election predictions using statistical analyses. His work revolved around his creation of a system for tracking polls in the election and proved that predictions and data mining have merit in the political world.

There were several developments that came about 10 years ago that helped reshape politics – the popularity of social media for one – and these developments help to create large numbers of information to be organized and used. They aided in creating the marketing of a candidate to an individual based on their needs. Nate’s work has set a standard for the acceptance of politics gaining from signal processing.

Election Predictions: Where Do We Go from Here?

Now the standard is set, how has it advanced for this new election? It is a given that data mining is an important tool for any candidate, but key players are still developing ways to collect that data. Social media is more interactive than ever. It is no surprise to anyone invested in this year’s election that, “With over 10 billion sharing events taking place each month over social media, big data is being created every second with each like and share, and wherever we travel across the globe with our mobile devices.” Candidates will utilize this information to customize an appeal for a vote.

It is vital today, more than ever, that for candidates to ask important questions. These questions must be personal and specific and include data valuable sorting points. These include things that contribute to a prediction such as age and economical status. Where we go from here will depend on how the information is sorted and appeals to the voter. If nothing else, it will make for another enlightening election year.

If you are interested in learning more about how data science impacts politics, consider a degree in this field.