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A Study in… Environmental Education

Colleges and universities are often looking at their degree programs and course offerings to see what changes may need to be made.  Implementing new courses and programs is a big undertaking for a university and careful consideration must be given to the courses that make up a particular program.   This study, in particular, the […]

Meet an Expert Data Scientist

Q&A WITH A DATA SCIENTIST AT BLOOMBERG Q: What motivated you to work in data science? There is a lot of data around us nowadays. As Internet of Things (IoT) comes to our homes we will have much more data to analyze and make our life better, which is very exciting. Q: What skills should […]

Meet an Expert Data Engineer

Q&A WITH A DATA ENGINEER AT BLOOMBERG  Q: What motivated you to work in data science? I began working in this field because of the changes in the way data is captured. These changes requires companies to put a larger focus on data strategy, I work to fulfill that need. Q: Can you please explain […]

The Importance of Data Science in Biotech

WHAT IS BIOTECHNOLOGY? The importance of biotechnology in promoting human welfare can’t be overstated enough. It is making marked contributions in the areas of human health, agriculture, medicine, the environment, renewable energy and fuels, population control and animal health. Notable achievements in medical biotechnology alone include the production of monoclonal antibodies, DNA and RNA probes […]

Data Science Technology

Data Science Technology: Key for Beating the Competition Many technology industry experts believe data scientists and data analysts are as important as the best engineers and designers. Why? Because the amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets has become a key basis of competition. The increasing volume and detail of information […]

Data Science in Healthcare

How Data Science is Advancing Healthcare Wearable technology: With a rise in wearable technology comes a large amount of day-to-day health data that can be analyzed to help improve management of chronic diseases. Disease prevention: By applying data analysis, medical researchers open a new door to curing diseases. Some data scientists work exclusively in tracking and exploring ways to […]

Data Science in Energy

As competitive and financial pressures rise, the energy industry has come to the realization that big data and new analytics tools and techniques can help cut down costs across operations. The industry is filled with data that stream in from an array of sources including exploration, production, transportation and distribution. Energy companies are struggling to organize […]

Data Science in Telecommunications

There is a significant demand for data scientists in telecommunications. Within the industry there are multitudes of systems creating large amounts of data ripe for analytics. Analysis is beneficial for sales and marketing, managing vendors, and customer experience within the telecom field. If you are considering pursuing a degree in data science, you should be happy to […]