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On the Job: Statistician

What is a Statistician? Statisticians are the ones who provide algorithmic muscle for the machine learning engineer and data scientist’s products. Like most of the careers that are branches of statistics, they are likely to be engaged in extensive data analysis and interpretation, but their work tends to lean more to the mathematical rather than […]


What is a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine Learning Engineers are individuals who are experts at turning machine learning algorithms into working software products, either stand alone or as part of a larger software ecosystem. In many ways their role is a combination of a data analyst and a software engineer. They perform statistical analysis and use predictive algorithms like data analysts, […]


Becoming a Data Scientist

According to Burtchwork’s 2017 study of job conditions for analytical professionals, data scientists are defined as individuals who “… apply sophisticated quantitative and computer science skills to both structure and analyze massive stores or continuous streams of unstructured data.” This is perhaps the most succinct definition of both the data scientist’s role and how they differ […]


Harnessing Higher Education Analytics

Data analytics at colleges and universities can be used in many areas, including student success, professor effectiveness, budgeting, financial aid decisions, course offerings, course enrollment guidelines, and staffing. With the proper use of data, colleges can also reduce administrative workload and costs. Some of the data that is used revolves around student performance, such as […]


A Study in.. Athletic Identity

Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation to do something comes from the self-satisfaction and internal growth the person receives from doing the activity.  Extrinsic motivation comes through rewards and punishments for doing something.  Within the field of exercise, intrinsic motivation has been shown to be linked to better physical and mental health than […]


Better Learning through Data

Efforts to improve education are non-stop. Whether it is a nationwide initiative or a classroom-based approach for a handful of students, data can be used to inform decisions. There are many pieces of data that are or could be collected in educational settings. These include: Demographic data on students, teachers, administrators, and other employees Students’ […]


A Study In.. Ocean Monitoring

With global warming and the importance of the seas to our planet’s ability to sustain life, monitoring of oceans for changes is becoming vital work for scientists.  By understanding the operation of one type of monitoring device, such as the Spray underwater glider described in this article, scientists can improve the way they use their […]


A Study in… Animal-Assisted Therapy

Being hospitalized can be a stressful situation for anyone, and for children, it can be extremely stressful.  Because stress can cause complications on top of the reason for the hospitalization, medical personnel try to do their best to reduce stress in hospitalized children.  Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is used in many medical situations, in homes and […]