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What Is a Data Architect?

Data architects are the blueprint designers of content management systems (CMS) and sometimes also the developers and managers. A CMS stores and organizes vast amounts of data. Because data may come from many sources, data architects are responsible for linking these data sources and determining the best way to make the data accessible so users can […]


The Data Behind Remarketing

Does it ever feel like ads are following you? Whether its the pair of shoes you were looking at a week ago, or the television you thought about buying, they just seem to keep popping up on your social media and other webpages that seem unrelated. I’m sure you think to yourself that it must […]


Six Leaders Who Are Revolutionizing Data Science

What does it take to become a data science superstar? Meet six industry leaders who are revolutionizing the field of data science. From Silicon Valley to the corridors of Washington, D.C. – here’s a look at what makes these leaders stand out. Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research at Facebook Yann LeCun is the director of AI […]


Considering a Career in Data Science?

What Is a Data Scientist? Data scientists are the world’s data wranglers. Using multidisciplinary skills in computer programming, statistics and math, data scientists sort through vast amounts of raw data to extract insights that can be used to develop new products, increase customer satisfaction and forecast important trends. Data science isn’t just for big business either. Organizations all over […]


Great Places to Work as a Data Scientist

Google, Facebook, Amazon and many other big corporations and institutions collect massive amounts of data when consumers engage with social media, participate in e-commerce or rely on other web-based services. This so-called big data is mined by data scientists, who help companies extract knowledge and insights to gain a competitive advantage. Data scientists topped Forbes’ […]

What Is Data Science and Why Does It Matter?

Demand is growing for professionals who are not just data-savvy, but have mastered the tools and techniques needed to glean knowledge and insights from large and diverse datasets. It’s called data science, and in the last couple of years it’s become one of the top-ranking jobs in the United States. What is data science? We live in […]

What Does A Statistician Do?

Statisticians provide algorithmic muscle for the machine learning engineer and data scientist’s products. Like most of the careers that are branches of statistics, they are likely to be engaged in extensive data analysis and interpretation, but their work tends to lean more to the mathematical rather than towards software or product development. They are frequently […]


Top-paying Jobs in Data Science

Data science jobs have multiplied rapidly in the U.S. over recent years. Businesses rely increasingly on their ability to collate, analyze and act on the vast swathes of data at their fingertips. Their success depends on pros who can transform data into actionable insights for marketers, commercial strategists and other decision-makers. Here are six data […]

Big Data: Today’s Top Tools

If you’re looking to pursue a career in big data or embark on a data science degree, there are a number of big data tools that can help you stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly advancing field. The market is being flooded with tools that promise to provide business value by analyzing data […]