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A Study in… The Stock Market

Diversification of investing – putting money in a variety of types of funds – is an important part of many investment strategies. Investing in international funds is one aspect of diversification. How much benefit there is to putting money into international funds depends on many factors, one of which is how closely the returns of […]


Using Data to Study Exercise For People with Mental Illness

Exercise is well-known to have beneficial effects on many aspects of health, including the heart, lungs, muscles, and bones. Exercise is also good for those with mental illnesses. Nurses are on the front lines of treating patients with mental illness in hospitals and other treatment facilities. While nurses generally believe that exercise is important for […]

The Data Visualization Specialist

What is a Data Visualization Specialist? Data Visualization Specialists are individuals who are experts at translating statistical data in ways that are useful for both subject matter experts as well as business users. They are in many ways statistical translators, as they are required to take often complex combinations of data that may be very […]

On the Job: Actuaries

What Is An Actuary? An actuary is a person who analyzes data to make forecasts of the risks of something occurring and manages the risks. Actuaries use data to evaluate the likelihood of events occurring and design ways to reduce the likelihood of unwanted events and reduce the impact of those events. What Do Actuaries […]